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School Meals

Gosha and Rose work in our school kitchen to cook some delicious meals.

All infant school children are entitled to a free school lunch.

Week 1 menu for weeks beginning: 31st Aug, 21st Sept, 12th Oct, 9th Nov, 30th Nov, 4th Jan, 25th Jan, 22nd Feb, 15th March, 19th April, 10th May, 7th June, 28th June and 19th July

Week 2 menu for weeks beginning: 7th Sept, 28th Sept, 19th Oct, 16th Nov, 7th Dec, 11th Jan, 1st Feb, 1st March, 22nd March, 26th April, 17th May, 14th June and 5th July


Week 3 menu for weeks beginning: 14th Sept, 5th Oct, 2nd Nov, 23rd Nov, 14th Dec, 18th Jan, 8th Feb, 8th March, 29th March, 3rd May, 24th May, 21st June and 12th July


School Meals September 2020 to July 2021