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Year 1

Classes and Staff

Oak Class (Miss Shirley and Mrs Harding)

Ash Class (Mrs Boultby, Mrs Plumb, Mrs Jones and Mrs Davis)

What to expect

Year 1 marks the start of Key Stage 1 and we aim to ensure a smooth transition from Reception with a balanced delivery of formal teaching and continuous provision opportunities that make use of our well resourced indoor and outdoor areas.

As the year progresses we aim to maintain the provision of outdoor learning opportunities all the while preparing children for the transition into Year 2.

  • Where do we live? (Geography, Science and Art)
  • The History of Toys (History, Art and Science)
  • Weather Watchers (Geography and DT)
  • Amazing Animals (Science and Art)
  • Famous People (History and Art)
  • Stories from Around the World (Geography and DT)
Key Statutory Assessment Points

Phonics Screening Check - June